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  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Frank Bien, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Oct 17, 2013. The content is subject to limited support.

This week marked another milestone for Looker. We had our first official customer meetup at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco. With more than 50 attendees from 20+ companies, I was humbled to hear how much value we’re helping teams extract out of their data. It was great to be able to sit back and watch three “Look & Tell” presentations by our customers, each using Looker in unique new ways.

MessageMe, Simply Hired, and PayNearMe have all been long-time customers. Key data people at each company presented insights into what they’re doing with Looker. Cohort analysis, alerting, segmentation—over 100s of billions of rows—we saw some really interesting applications of analytics. And we’re excited about how far they’ve come.

It was also encouraging to watch what happened afterwards. Our newer customers asked how they could participate at the next meetup. There was a tremendous amount of passion around data, and it's clear that data folks need places to share what they’re doing and to learn from others. We’re lucky to have such great customers, who are asking to be on the stage, rather than waiting for us to ask them.

I know it may sound silly, but we really do love our customers. And, when they get value out of data, we are genuinely excited. Maybe we take our silly “Lookerology” a bit too far, but at Looker, everyone has a Looker name. I’m Frankenlooker and Lloyd is First Looker. The one name that’s reserved is also the most revered: the Good Lookers. These are our customers.

We love you, Good Lookers!

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