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  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Looker, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Mar 16, 2017. The content is subject to limited support.

The Looker team is excited at the enormous potential this holds for analytics around the data in BigQuery, including the ability to explore data in Looker. To test this potential we dug into the demo data sets and built our own dream dashboards. Here are the results of a few Lookers who were especially excited:

“YouTube” by Corey Carruthers, Video Content Manager, Looker

I have never had the chance to explore YouTube data outside of the YouTube app, so I was very excited to dig into this demo data in Looker.

One report I toyed with was the grouping of videos by length and then looking at engagement rates across the groups.

In YouTube, you can see what length correlated with drop-off, but we were only able to view data for one video at a time. In Looker, we’re able to see the duration of the video versus the views, and we discovered that the demo data audience was more engaged on longer videos than shorter videos. For example, videos that were 9-10 minutes in length had higher watch-through rates than those that ran 5-6 minutes long.

This urges the question of “why?” Are the longer videos educational and therefore getting more engagement if they’re longer and more in depth? Or are they longer marketing videos - maybe a demo or customer story.

I’m excited to get our data into BigQuery to can start asking these questions of our data and build more valuable content for our YouTube subscribers.

“AdWords” by Dean Wenstrand, Marketing Operations Manager, Looker

Playing around with our demo dataset was really cool. Putting all of this data in one place has been possible before BigQuery, but very difficult. With all of this Google AdWords data in Looker I really felt like I had complete command of metrics. I’m able to do things with the data that I just couldn’t do in the AdWords interface and other things were just easier. Some of my favorite things were being able to conditionally format reports and tables, see a nifty trendline of clicks vs. conversion rate, and sharing my insights across my team with a simple copy and paste of the Explore URL.

What excites me most about piping our data into BigQuery and throwing Looker on top is the extensibility and flexibility of the data. I can literally look at the data any way I want and then can schedule reports, pipe results into Slack and even take action in AdWords directly from Looker with data actions. So what’s next? At Looker we’ll be tying our AdWords dataset into our transactional dataset to make some truly cutting-edge B2B Marketing ROI visualizations.

The Whole Enchilada (aka: Integrated Marketing Campaign Dashboard) by Shilpa Narwade, Senior Online Marketing Manager, Looker

It’s notoriously difficult to report on Integrated Marketing Campaigns (IMC). You know it’s working, but you can’t quite pin down what levers are moving the needle more than others.

Having data from all of your Google apps in one place, joined with data from other sources such as Email and layered with CRM data makes it almost easy to show the effects of a particular campaign. You can see where you pushed a specific ad or keyword and the sales or traffic increase that came as a result of that effort. Looker’s direct connection to this data also means there’s no wait or lag time. You can see results as soon as they happen without having to massage the data - and you can build this one time to share with stakeholders every time they ask.

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