Data is what makes marketers successful

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Jen Grant, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Mar 9, 2017. The content is subject to limited support.

If you can prove what is working, what is not, how the mix works together and achieves your lead and revenue goals, then you will always have a seat at the proverbial “table.” And while we’ve all had a few point solutions that show us how that one single channel is working, it has been very difficult to pull all those solutions together to see the total picture. We’ve become Microsoft Excel jockeys pulling data into spreadsheets, connecting it together manually, and spending countless hours analyzing it to try to see the big picture. Or we’ve bought tools that say they do this for us, and only find out later that they pull the data, but they don’t connect it together for any broader insights.

But today that all ends. This morning, Google announced their Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service that allow customers to pipe data from key Google apps - AdWords, Google Analytics Premium, YouTube, DoubleClick for Publishers and Campaign Managers - into Google BigQuery. By adding this functionality they’ve done what we’ve all spent years trying to do — create a single place to go for all your Google data. And - to top it off - they’ve centralized it in a database that can actually process a tremendous amount of data and give us the answers we need quickly.

“But I don’t use any Google products for my marketing”
said no one ever.

And once all that data is in one place, Looker has created custom Looker Blocks® that make it simple to quickly add definitions, business logic and metrics on top of all that raw data. With Looker on top of this centralized data store, we can finally connect the dots between channels. We’ve always known they affect one another, but now we can prove it. How do ads affect organic web traffic? Let’s look at web traffic and ad spend on the same graph! Does your YouTube channel convert better than your homepage? Conversion rate (broken down by 6 different things) please!

And with hooked up, you can go even further, pipe in more data from your product usage, Salesforce funnel or even finance systems and start to see your funnel from end to end. Which customers - from YouTube or AdWords - are most engaged with your product? Which channels produce the least amount of churn? The more data you add to BigQuery to explore with Looker, the better picture you can paint.

Take a look at this fun video we created to explain it even better - and then go . Because this kind of analysis will not only help you be successful as a marketer - but it could also be the competitive difference that will propel your business forward.

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