AWS + Looker: getting the most out of the cloud

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Daniel Mintz, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Aug 14, 2017. The content is subject to limited support.

(AWS) is immensely popular among modern companies because Amazon has found a way to strike a great balance between flexibility and usability. AWS gives you every tool you could imagine in the cloud, with none of the overhead of managing hardware yourself.

With compute, storage, networking, database, and dozens of other services, AWS gives companies the flexibility and customizability to address virtually any use case.

AWS’ services can be combined in almost any way you can imagine. And Amazon Redshift, AWS’ data warehouse solution, gives you tons of customization options—from specifying how your tables are distributed, to type of hardware you want, to how much computing power you allocate to different queries.

Do even more with AWS + Looker

So how can companies easily get the most out of all this power and customizability?

That’s where Looker comes in. Looker gives users deep analytics on the immense data that Amazon collects and makes available, giving them the ability to drill down to row-level detail to uncover the details that make up larger usage trends. And Looker does it all in an easy and intuitive data platform that enables anyone to explore their data .

Today we’re launching the . It includes blocks that surface critical information and help you optimize your Amazon Redshift usage, so you can fine-tune your database for maximum performance. And includes blocks to analyze where you’re spending money on AWS, to make it easy to reduce any unnecessary costs and reallocate that spend where it’ll do the most good.

Deploying the suite of blocks is as easy as pressing a button, thanks to AWS’ ease of use. Spin up an Amazon Athena instance in seconds and point it at the S3 bucket where you’re storing your AWS usage data (read to see just how easy that is). You’re also able to use Amazon Redshift’s Spectrum feature to query S3 directly from your Amazon Redshift database.

Today’s technology must be both flexible to adapt to the changing needs of your business, but also intuitive and easy to use. And that’s exactly what Looker’s new Blocks Suite for AWS is.

Want to learn more about how Looker works with Amazon Web Services? Check out our or sign up for the . Want to learn more about the blocks contained within the Looker Blocks® Suite for AWS? , we’d be more than happy to demo them for you.

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