Announcing the Lookerbot for Slack enterprise grid

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Erin Franz, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Jan 31, 2017. The content is subject to limited support.

The Lookerbot for Slack, launched in March of 2016, is now available for in .

The Lookerbot allows members of your organization to easily pull results from Looker directly into Slack to answer questions with data, without disrupting an active conversation.

By being able to access data in Looker through , teams of any size can now put data into every Slack conversation. The Lookerbot seamlessly incorporates data into more workflows than ever before, making collaboration between teams even easier.

Custom commands is the secret sauce of the Lookerbot. Teams can easily create commands for existing workflows and even use commands built out by other teams to find answers to questions they didn’t even know they had.

With over 9 million queries run in the last 10 months, the Lookerbot is helping teams of every size put data into more conversations, and we are excited to see where the new year will take it.

Scheduling, alerting, and actions, oh my!

With the launch of the Lookerbot for , we are excited to announce new functionality which will make it even friendlier and more useful to teams of all sizes.

Send alerts directly to Slack, so you know, and can take action, the second something changes.

Schedule a regular report to be sent to you, a coworker or a channel in Slack.

Finally, share looks and dashboards from the Looker app in Slack without leaving the console.

Because the Lookerbot is built on Looker’s API, you have the full power, and governance, of your Looker instance. Dive deeper into any results the Lookerbot returns to explore the data and dig into the metrics you care about.

A year in review

The Lookerbot for Slack has had an exciting year. Hundreds of teams asked millions of questions - averaging 13,000 data-slacks per month per team!

Support teams use it to find quick information for customers while on the phone. Sales teams quickly ask and answer important questions from the field via Slack’s mobile app. What will your team discover with the Lookerbot for Slack?

Download the today and make your team even more data-driven.

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