Announcing Looker support for Dremio

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Erin Franz, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Apr 25, 2018. The content is subject to limited support.

Looker is excited to announce our support for Dremio as a data source with Dremio 2.0, which was announced on Wednesday, April 25.

is a self-service data platform that enables high performance data analysis from data lakes, NoSQL sources, and relational databases for data analysts and data scientists. Using Dremio with Looker will enable users to accomplish some historically challenging use cases with ease.

Why we’re excited

Ever since Dremio formally launched , our team was buzzing with how much they were looking forward to a Looker-Dremio joint solution. Dremio’s platform offers plenty to be excited about for the data analyst and data scientist community in general, but we’ll cover three points in this post that are particularly close to our hearts:

Direct and performant querying for NoSQL data sources

With Dremio it’s now possible to query common NoSQL data sources like MongoDB and Elasticsearch directly via SQL. And they’ve made queries even faster through its query acceleration architecture, based on Apache Arrow.

Ability to query across sources without physical consolidation

Dremio makes it possible to query across both NoSQL and relational data sources without physically consolidating them - allowing you to connect Looker to both types of data sources in a seamless and elegant way.

Designed with the data analyst and data scientist in mind

Dremio makes it possible to complete complex data workloads without having to involve engineering, so Analysts and Data Scientists can quickly and easily onboard new data sources and transformations to be analyzed and consumed by their users.

Contact or download to learn more about using Looker and Dremio today!

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