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  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Josh Siegel, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Oct 1, 2014. The content is subject to limited support.

We are excited to announce Looker 3, available today for upgrade or free trial in a secure hosted or on-premise solution.

Since releasing Looker just over two years ago, the product has grown into a mature business intelligence and analytics platform serving data-savvy businesses around the world. Today, companies like Braintree, Gilt, Heroku, and Warby Parker rely on Looker for organizational and embedded BI solutions.

Looker 3 is a reimagination of Looker’s user interface on top of features our customers already love: tight integration with SQL flavored databases like Redshift and Vertica, a simple language-based modeling layer (LookML), and strong collaboration features like e-mail scheduling and data delivery, Embeddable BI, Google Docs integration, and approachable business user dashboards.

Clean new design

The first thing you will notice in the 3 release is a refresh of our entire UI to a new, modern layout designed to emphasize high value actions and increase fluidity throughout the app. This redesign marks the culmination of a six month research and development project based on customer feedback and interviews (keep talking to us: !)

Approachable filters

In our early days we pioneered a human-readable query filter syntax to allow users to ask “How many widgets were sold in New England 90 days ago for 30 days?” User feedback told us these filters are great for experienced users, and to ease the learning curve for new users we now have a GUI for approachable filters with calendar pickers, drop down menus, and complex logic to allow precise filters on database queries.

User created charts and dashboards

Analysts still have the option to build visualizations and dashboards in LookML, but Looker now also includes a user interface for building saved Looks and Dashboards.

LookML enhancements

“I looked at the SQL Looker generated for our ops dashboard — about 1,200 lines of SQL built up from the dimensions, measures, and joins I defined once in LookML. 1,200 lines of SQL... that's crazy. I don't think that query would be possible without Looker. I'd never write that by hand, it just wouldn't get done. The logic would get muddled and come out wrong.”

— Justin Palmer, Director of Credit, LendingHome

Our goal with LookML in bringing modularity and reusability to SQL is to leverage the skills of your data team. LookML is the heart of Looker and our engineering and analyst teams are constantly experimenting with ways to make the language more powerful and easy to pick up so Looker is providing value from day one. LookML is now a recognized language on Github.

Looker 3 includes LookML syntax updates, filtered derived tables, conditions, markdown document support, and improved Git integration to make Looker flexible to fit your organization's needs.

Ask a Looker analyst for access to , our experimental training Looker with LookML design patterns and examples to help you learn.

Thank you.

We could not be more grateful for all of our customers' support and feedback over the last two years. It's been an incredible period of growth for us across the board and we are excited for what's coming soon — stay tuned.

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