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  • 19 March 2022
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3 replies

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2018 marks the debut of Looker in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms

3 key considerations for embedded analytics

3 ways to improve data security - centralize, govern, monitor

4 easy ways to embed analytics with Looker

5 tips for growth attribution modeling that actually work

6 ways to integrate a data strategy into your product workflow

7 questions to take your marketplaces & eCommerce analytics to the next level

7 reasons Looker built a new language for data

Better together - 7 ways Looker and AWS make data teams successful

How we A/B test at Looker

A confession

A window into the soul (of your data)

Accelerate your queries with Looker aggregate awareness

Accelerating customer expansion with data

Accelerating machine learning with Looker + Amazon SageMaker

Use cases for Looker Action Hub: working beyond Looker within Looker at Elevate Labs & Alto

Actionable call measurement metrics for inside sales

Affinity analysis for recommendation engines

Aggregate functions gone bad and the joins who made them that way

An analyst’s guide to data virtualization

Agile and bulletproof: an approach to mature embedded analytics

Analytics for all: a smarter way to work with data

Analyze your data on multiple databases and clouds

Analyzing customer behavior with a new Looker Marketing Block

Looker, Hadoop and ice hockey

Announcing Looker 2.4, two factor authentication and LDAP

Announcing Looker 3

Looker + Stitch: combine and derive immediate value from all your disparate data

Announcing Looker support for Dremio

Segment + BigQuery launch

Announcing the Looker User Guide: your resource for getting the most out of Looker

Announcing the Lookerbot for Slack enterprise grid

3 API tools to delight your embed customers

At Looker, the love is baked in

Announcing the Looker Block for Audience Analytics by Permutive

Augmenting Snowflake data sharing with Looker

Automate and visualize marketing data with Looker and Improvado

AWS cost optimization in minutes: usage data, cost reports, S3, and Athena

Looker earns 22 top rankings in BARC’s The BI & Analytics Survey 21

Be careful what you measure.

Best practices in naming entities and fields

How to approach funnel analysis

BI for the under-40 crowd.

Big advances in big analytics

Big data - dont judge a book by its cover

Big data? Or smart data?

Today Looker is announcing our integration with BigQuery, we think its a big deal

How to monitor and optimize BigQuery performance and cost

BigQuery Standard SQL + Looker

Buffer’s data architecture - we analyze 500 million records in seconds using Redshift, Hadoop & Looker

A step-by-step guide to building and delivering embedded analytics

The expected (and unexpected) rewards of building a data culture at Guild Education

Customer spotlight: building a data driven culture at Disqus

Building a data platform

Build a path to predictive analytics with Big Squid & Looker

The marketer’s guide to building a reporting stack that drives growth

Looker’s data-driven culture – it’s not just about the data

Building with Looker: what I learned during my internship

Business intelligence and the elephants chain

Campaign to cash Looker Block - monitor and measure your marketing investments

Catching the third wave of business intelligence

Catching the third wave

Building a census data application in no time flat

Is it worth centralizing my data?

Choosing the right BI tool for the right use case at

Click attribution: types of models & attribution strategy

Completing the predictive analytics loop with Looker and Dataiku

Businesses create more impact with more efficient data science workflows

Data of Thrones: create your own interactive Game of Thrones data visualizations

Creating actionable customer segmentation models

Creating Looker explores your users will love

Cohort analysis: 3 creative applications

Building on the Platform: Custom Applications for Sales & Marketing

How we turn customer data into revenue

How to build a Customer Lifetime Value model

Using data to personalize culinary experiences for customers at Blue Apron

How Cisco built a data-driven culture at scale

Encouraging data curiosity and user adoption at eMoney Advisor

Empowering a data-driven culture with a modern data stack at OneFit

Using data to create better gaming experiences at FACEIT

Improving digital patient care with data at Force Therapeutics

Four ways Raisin uses data to sustain and enhance its business

Delivering democratized data to customers and employees at Good Apple

How Guru modernized their data stack to provide more value to customers

Jobvite consolidates data across four organizations and delivers embedded analytics

Label Insight modernizes their data stack to deliver efficiencies across the organization

Providing valuable business solutions with Looker at Pike13

Solving for new challenges to the housing crisis caused by COVID-19 with data

Scaling data in construction with Emery Sapp & Sons

Saving development resources & delivering value with embedded analytics: lessons from SupporTrend’s customer story

Tuft & Needle leverages data to deliver a good night’s sleep

4 ways to level up your customer support analytics with Intercom, Looker Blocks®️, and Blendo

Dashboard confessional: I’m addicted to my Demand Generation program dashboard

5 tips to make your next dashboard your best yet (designing dashboards for UX/UI)

How data actions make our jobs easier

Operationalize your data with Looker Data Actions and Segment

Ask the experts: data architectures for better analytics with Amazon Redshift

Creating a data driven culture: part 1 | The challenge

Creating a data-driven culture: part 2 | Executive buy-in

Creating a data culture: pt 3 | Technical foundation

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Fantasy Football: using data to guide your draft strategy

Data storytelling in action: using data to guide your Fantasy Football draft strategy (part II)

Data in the time of COVID-19

Data is what makes marketers successful

A guide to data modernization

Data of Thrones part I: death count & screen time inGame of Thrones

Data of Thrones: feminism & strong women inGame of Thrones

Data of Thrones part III: 7 predictions forGame of Thrones, season 7 (loosely) based on data

Data of Thrones part IV: were our season 7 Game of Thrones predictions right?

Data of Thrones: Game of Thrones gender analysis for death, sex, & dialogue

Data of Thrones: direwolves, unique deaths, and word trends... oh my!

Data of Women: education and literacy around the world

Whats in store for data privacy in the 2020s?

Accessible data science with BigQuery Machine Learning + Looker

Data science with Looker: part I

Data science with Looker: part II

Deepening code reusability with LookML project import

Using big data for big wins in media

Describe your business in terms of your data and be proactive

Designing a better data experience: extending LookML development with customized tools

How to choose the best chart or graph for your data

DonorsChoose selects Looker

DonorsChoose - visualizing community impact

Dresner Wisdom of Crowds affirms the evolution of business intelligence

Drive growth by understanding user behavior

Driving analytics adoption at ZoomInfos first Datafest

How Milk Bar is driving data adoption with Looker

Driving growth with data: Mary Meekers 2017 Internet Trends Report

Driving player engagement and getting a leg up on the competition with data

Your embedded analytics questions, answered

Build vs. buy: choosing the right embedded analytics solution

Empowering developers to create powerful custom data experiences

The era of the cloud and the intelligent business

Etsy,, and Snagajob centralize their data on HP Vertica

Event data will determine tomorrows winning companies

Stepping out of the data silo - the evolution of digital marketing metrics and analytics

Excluding weekends from time differences

Unlocking census voting data with Looker and BigQuery

Exploring your data lake with Amazon\xa0Athena and Looker

Finally, Google app data at your fingertips

Finance: how we Looker at Looker

5 Ways Looker makes Firebase Analytics Data in BigQuery Useful

5 tips to becoming a data-driven marketer

5 key elements for leveraging data to lead a marketing team

Flexible, agile, near-infinite, cohort analysis

We architected Looker to be flexible, scalable and embeddable

Flexible visualization editing

Forrester Vendor Landscape - Insights Platform

The rise of the multicloud data platform

A GDPR compliance checklist for evaluating your data strategy

GDPR - one year on

4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start a Marketing Dashboard

Git more out of your data model: announcing Git branching in Looker

Good Lookers unite.

Marketing analytics for everyone

Growing with data at Indigo Ag

Hacking education. Open data unleashed.

Fun with data - hacking Hacker News

I can see your Halo: player behavior and map metrics in Halo\xa05:\xa0Guardians

HotelTonight - story of a modern data-driven business.

How Kiva creates opportunity with data

How Looker makes growing a data platform an organic experience

How Poshmark powers customer service with Looker and Nexla

How to build a customer content database for your company

How to chat with data

How to do a customer profitability analysis

Increasing business intelligence user adoption with Looker at Adore Me

How to measure event ROI & impact

Optimizing BigQuery + GCP with Looker Blocks®️ from Datatonic

How to query spatial data in Redshift with Looker

How to use predictive analytics and forecasting to save your company money

How to structure your productized analytics offering

How to turn your data into a compelling story

Amazon Redshift announces support for late binding views

Amazon Redshift announces support for LISTAGG DISTINCT aggregate function

How to combine a retail calendar with retail sales data

How we Looker at Looker

Looker and Vertica : ORC reader

Elevating the power Vertica to the Cloud: Looker for Vertica OnDemand

Build complex analysis in just an hour or so with IBM + Looker

iFrame sandbox permissions tutorial

Improvado + Looker: aggregate 40+ cross-channel ad platforms in one block

Improving Athena + Looker performance by 380% with Upsolver

Inside the mind of a crowd scientist, an emerging flavor of data scientist

Tips for inspiring & fostering data culture in your organization

CSV to Oprah in 5 (codeless) clicks

Integrating a modern big data and analytics platform with AWS services - Looker and Mortar

A collective impact: interns of Looker

Introducing MemSQL Cloud: the real-time data warehouse for any cloud

Introducing Persistent Derived Tables

No data left behind: introducing Singer, open source ETL

Introducing Spaces - a new way to promote info-sharing and collaboration in Looker

It’s time to hire a Data Product Manager

JOIN 2018 Hackathon

JOIN 2018: a look inside

JOIN 2020 Recap: Bringing the digital data conference to you

JOIN: stay curious, keep asking

Just-in-time data science. Rapid transformation and experimentation.

Knewton powers online education

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Kustomer + Looker put support data through a new lens

Legacy BI - artifacts of the old data world

How to Leverage AWS Retail & eCommerce Analytics with Looker

Leveraging Apache NiFi for agile dataflows

Introducing Looker 4

Looker 5: finally, a data platform for everyone

6 reasons to love Looker 6

Engineers have it - now analysts can too

Looker 7: making data experiences a reality

Looker achieves SOC 2 Type 2 compliance

Looker achieves SOC 2 Type 1 compliance

Why is using the Looker Action Hub like ordering takeout?

How Looker + Denodo deliver quicker insights for Ultra Mobile

Amazon Redshift introduces interleaved sorts

Looker and the Magic Quadrant: a shift in the market

Looker at the top of the funnel

AWS + Looker: getting the most out of the cloud

Looker and Databricks partner to bring data scientists and business users together

Looker + DataVirtuality Pipes: access, integrate and explore all of your data

New Looker feature enhancements for the data-driven workforce

Looker announces support for Oracle’s new Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud

Heaps of Looker love

Looker release 2.2, dedicated to the ones we love - the data analysts

Closing the loop between data analysis and action

Looker achieves SOC 2 Type 1 Certification for Google Cloud

Announcing support for the Databricks SQL Analytics launch

Looker lets you choose what works best for your data

Grow platform usage and improve efficiency with Looker system activity analytics

Marketing attribution made easy with centralized data

Offsetting JOIN’s environmental impact using survey data

Marketing analytics: measuring corporate communications with Looker

Mental gymnastics for online marketers - calculating payback (return-on-ad-spend)

Modeling conversion funnels in Looker, a MySQL subselect approach

Moving beyond BI - Looker recognized for the 2nd consecutive year in the Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant for Analytics

Moving Zendesk data into BigQuery with help from Apache NiFis wait/notify processors

mParticles new integration : Looker

Multi-dimensional segments for improved customer nurturing

Accurate multi-touch attribution reporting with Looker, Segment, and a case study

Must-have KPIs for your marketing dashboards

My 3 favorite dashboards

My company just got bar mitzvahed

Name Game

Name Game: step 1 - simple measures

Name Game: step 2 - computed dimensions

Name Game: step 3 - filtered measures

Name Game: step 4 - normalizing populations with cohorts

Name Game: step 5 - using rank to figure out name density and popularity

Naming and aliasing conventions

Query exabytes of data in AWS with Looker’s native support of Amazon Redshift Spectrum

5 ways the new Looker dashboards make it easier to explore data

What’s new in Looker? Features & updates - April 2020 edition

The new normal For databases and dialects

Fantasy Football: player and position analysis

Fantasy Football: a guide for streaming defenses

Using New York City taxi data to avoid airport traffic

onPeak + Looker: increasing hotel bookings with automated workflows

How to optimize AWS with Looker

Optimizing Redshift for analytics

Our top picks for Denodo’s DataFest

How to overcome the restrictions of multi-pass SQL

Navigating the accelerated shift to ecommerce in a dynamic environment: how to thrive during COVID-19 (and beyond)

Overcoming the 4 common challenges with marketing analytics and Looker: instant in-house audience analytics

Partnering with Cloudera to provide truly interactive analytics on Hadoop data

Pen-handling at Looker

Piwik PRO Marketing Suite + Looker = better, quicker, deeper business insights

The platform for data

Power up your Zendesk analytics with Looker Blocks®️ and Blendo

Powering the greater good with better data

Practical data science - Amazon announces HyperLogLog

Print is dead. So is reporting.

Your data, integrated: embed looker in your tools & bring analytics into your team’s everyday workflows

Putting the hack in hackathon: the winners of Looker_Hack : London

How to query Amazon Athena geospatial data

Data hacking : coding up a recommendation engine from simple playlist data

Recommendations are easier than you think

How top engineering organizations build their big data stacks

The ROI of Looker, part 1: scaling and cost-savings

Generating ROI with embedded analytics: 5 key takeaways from Allbound’s customer story

Salesforce analytics that sales operations love

Looker and auditing internal Salesforce data

Security and privacy conscious analytics with Looker + SecuPi

Segment sources & Looker Blocks®️

Segment + Looker - comprehensive customer analytics

Building a marketing attribution model with Segment & Looker

How to accurately analyze user engagement across multiple sources

Using data to improve sales development

Marketing, data, and a shameless plug for an eBook by HubSpot & Looker

For ease of use and speed to insights, Shinesty chooses Looker and Panoply

Enhancing the data-sharing experience with the latest Looker Slack integration

Why we created the Lookerbot for Slack

Analyze, visualize, and take action on social data with the Social Analytics Block by Rivery

Driving profitable growth and customer equity with SoundCommerce

Data analysis with Spark SQL

Specializing retention emails using behavioral data

Speed up your data analysis with augmented analytics by Sisu + Looker

SQL processing and data analysis with the EAV model

SQL recipes - beyond the click

Steps for getting started with data-driven marketing

Super Bowl LII: a closer look at the matchup

Surprising and innovative data stories of 2018

Customer lifetime value part 1: survival analysis

How systems of insight will transform BI & analytics

Taking “the big picture” to your display screen

Tale of two SQLs - history and future

Tenjin Looker Block: run smarter app marketing campaigns

It’s the end of BI as we know it

The end of data bread lines

Elastic analytic databases

The five letters that will change the data world - BYOBI

The journey to agile analytics

The last mile

The magic of Looker

The metrics of success

The Redshift - SORTKEY and DISTKEY

The reusability paradigm of LookML

The rise of the instrumented workplace

The three decisions we didnt make that totally changed our business.

3 steps for optimizing Looker dashboards with Amazon Redshift

Time series data, moving or rolling aggregates in SQL

Analysts, it’s time to focus on analytics

5 tips for success with Looker

Top trends in custom data application development that are accelerating growth

Unleashing data insights to your entire organisation: Q&A with Appsflyer

Uplevel your customer data analytics with RudderStack and Looker

Using Amazon Redshift Materialized Views with Looker

Using data to transform the customer experience with Looker and Braze

Using innovative analytics to measure our radio advertising campaign

Marketing conversion rates: clarity, trust, and the feedback loop

Using Snowflake MVs in Looker

Looker and Vertica: flex table integration

Looker and Vertica - geospatial analytics

Weather and climate data for business intelligence: Q&A with Weather Source

What do data people do?

Placing BI modernization at the heart of business transformation

Why a data company wants more IRL (in real life)

Why a data platform

Why a visualization is worth a thousand data points

Why centralized data access is key for your organization becoming GDPR ready

Why you should get involved in the data revolution

Why nesting is so cool

Why we built a data culture at Fivetran

Why we release every four weeks

Why your company needs a self-service BI tool

Will the last BI vendor please turn out the lights

Empowering Yieldify with data: what has Looker done for us?

Youre not normal