6 reasons to love Looker 6

  • 28 March 2022
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This content, written by Joel McKelvey, was initially posted in Looker Blog on Oct 10, 2018. The content is subject to limited support.

This week, we are proud to announce the launch of Looker 6.

Looker 6 takes the analytics platform to a new level with a robust set of new features, greater extensibility than ever before, and an application-focused approach designed to provide users with more value, faster.

Whether you’re a Looker customer or considering the benefits of a self-service analytics platform for your organization, here’s a brief look at some of the reasons to be excited about Looker 6.

1. Advanced analyst and model developer tools.

Analysts and developers are going to love how Looker 6 platform now builds upon the core services with a suite of open, web-native features designed to make building impactful data applications easier. And why should software developers have all the fun? Looker 6 provides a model development environment that includes branching, folders, version control, code sharing, and code validation capabilities.

2. Customizability and extensibility.

Looker 6 includes version 3.1 of the Looker API and a number of extensibility features that allow analysts to better meet the growing demands of data users. With Looker 6, embedded analytics can be customized to better match the look and feel users expect. You’ll find that custom visualizations are more sophisticated to help data teams build easy, more instinctual dashboards, allowing users to find valuable new insights, faster. And thanks to our expanded network of technology partners, Looker 6 can be seamlessly integrated with tools such as AI/ML.

3. Looker applications.

Applications offer easy plug-and-play analytics for specific use cases, making it easy to tap into the hidden value of your data. Structured enough to help users perform day-to-day tasks, applications sit within the larger Looker platform, supporting strategic cross-functional analytic needs. And announced with Looker 6 are public beta programs for , focused on digital marketing and web analytics.

4. Content discovery and easier data exploration.

Along with improved formatting options and greater flexibility for report scheduling, Looker 6 also includes custom fields, giving all types of users more powerful self-service exploration capabilities for lightweight ad-hoc data analysis. And you can help users explore even sensitive data in Looker; the Looker 6 platform is .

5. Advanced administrative controls.

If you’re the admin trying to control costs or improve governance, Looker 6 has a new way to understand how, when, and by whom your instance is being used. Because this data is pre-modeled, you can use it the same way you use any data in Looker -- not just for cost control or governance, but to encourage a data-driven approach to business among your users based on their habits.

6. Encouraged focus on analytics value.

With the launch of Looker 6, we are continuing to improve upon our already outstanding customer satisfaction scores. By providing support, services, and other assistance to our customers, owning and using Looker is now easier than ever. And as the ecosystem of Looker consulting partners continues to grow, we’re ready to help you with every aspect of Looker 6 deployment, management, and customization.

We’re just getting warmed up…

The launch of Looker 6 doesn’t stop here with these 6 feature sets. In 2019, you’ll see local language versions of Looker 6, fully integrated workflows connected to 3rd party applications and platforms, more ways to take action on data from within Looker, and many more tools built on the Looker platform. Get all the details of or see it for yourself by .

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